Wicked Chocolate Dip!

Wicked Chocolate Fondue

200 gram bar of Toblerone **
125ml cream
Honey (optional)
Liqueur of your choice (optional)

Things to dip with
Such as….
Any type of fruit that goes well with chocolate!
Musk sticks
Liquorice sticks
Wafer biscuits

1. Break chocolate into pieces and add cream in 1 litre microwave jug.
2. Cook uncovered for 2 minutes.
3. Stir with the Tupperchef spatula until well combined and smooth.
4. Add honey & liqueur to taste.

Serving suggestions

Pour chocolate fondue into the centre receptacle of the Alfresco serving centre and arrange your choice of dipping items in the compartments around the edge
Pour mixture into 600ml illusions bowl. Place 600ml bowl in 2.4ltr platter and arrange your choice of dipping items around it!

• Condensation or water from anywhere will ruin your chocolate, so never put the lid on your 1 litre microwave jug while cooking chocolate as well as making sure everything is well dried!
• ** You can use other types of chocolate if you prefer such as dark or white or other flavours, just make sure you choose a good quality brand, not cooking chocolate.
• The fondue can be flavoured with any liquor you like
• Be creative with your dipping items
• If you can bear to wait, this is even nicer once it’s slightly cooled and thicker!

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