Tasty Chicken & Pumpkin Patties and a Magazine Review I guess!

Have you seen the new magazine "Australian Healthy Food Guide"? I had seen it when a friend brought it on our time down the coast in the last school hols. I thought it looked quite good and was impressed that it had a lot of gluten free recipes identified in it (though as with most food mags there are a lot more that are, and aren't marked as such). I decided it wasn't really my sort of magazine in the end though, mostly because of stuff like recommending diet soft drinks as healthy and that kind of thing. It is worth a look though :)

Anyway, I'm going to pass this mag onto my sister and wanted to save a few recipes first. These recipes are all from the November 09 issue.

Tasty Chicken & Pumpkin Patties
500g skinless chicken breasts
500g pumpkin, peeled, seeds removed, roughly chopped
8 slices wholegrain bread (obviously i'll have to sub for GF)
6 green onions, finely sliced
3 tspns garam masala
1 bunch fresh herbs, chopped
2 eggs
3-4 tspns flour (GF if needed)

place chicken into food processor and mince. transfer to bowl
grate pumpkin and add to bowl
chop bread into breadcrumbs, stir into chicken & pumpkin
spray pan with cooking spray, lightly fry green onions until translucent. add garam masala and cook 1 min. cool and add to chicken mix with herbs, eggs and flour. mix well.
shape into 16 patties. fry in greased pan for 5 mins per side, or BBQ
serve with green salad

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Thermomixer said...

So were they a tasty treat to have with your diet Coke ?

brazen's crafts said...

LOL i haven't made them yet!