Sugared Cashews (GF, TMX)

based on this recipe

50g water
100g sugar
250g cashews
1 tbsp sugar extra
1 tspn cinnamon or other spices to taste

1. Weigh 50ml water and 100g sugar into Thermomix jug.
2. Add 250 g cashews.
3. reverse, speed 2, 100C, for 9 minutes without the measuring cup in the lid. The cashews won't be dry but they will start to disintegrate if cooked for much longer
4. Sprinkle 1 Tbsp sugar (and the spices if used) over the cashews and distribute with only 3-4 stirs.
6. bake in an oven (around 120-150'c) for around 10-15 minutes until golden brown - when you can smell them it's time to take the out :)

Photos coming later!

off to try some savoury ones....

posted by Karen on http://brazen20au.blogspot.com/

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Thermomixer said...

Good work - do you think the butterfly would help or prevent them from being mixed properly?