Yesterday I went on a shopping tour put on by the Coeliac Society.  I wasn't sure how much I'd learn but I'm glad to say lots! Apart from meeting a group of lovely people - a few of whom also have young children with coeliac disease - I found out quite a lot, including:
  • Jamison Coles is brilliant for GF shopping, way better than Belconnen Coles
  • Arnotts Rice Cookies are no longer GF and in fact have a gluten content in the nutritional info :( (and i have a stash of them in my cupboard)
  • The Changs brand GF sauces are everywhere, I had obviously been overlooking the tiny 'gluten free' on the label (or maybe the ones i looked at weren't?) so yay, we can have stir fries again!
  • I found a brand of packet risottos that are GF that the girls will love for their quick lunches on Thursdays & Fridays. (sorry the brand will have to wait til I get back there to shop)
  • i'm sure there's more, but i'll have to update when i remember!
After the shopping tour we had morning tea (or breakfast in my case!) at Ricardos. They have lots of gluten free options on the menu, and the option of GF bread (deeks i think, it had a very strong taste taht i think was quinoa and beans of some sort).  the meal was nice but I wasn't so sure about the drinking chocolate on top of the coffees and the icing sugar and raspberry sauce over rora's GF friand. Unfortunately I had already broken the friand in half before i clicked so it was too late to be able to take it back and ask for without. Next time i will double check whether they are GF, but just a heads up for anyone who is going there....

and yay for another lunch option in the belconnen area, especially one that is cheaper than zeffs (fine for dinner but a bit OTT for lunch)

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