Happy Mothers Day!!

Hope all the mums out there have had a lovely day :) i have, except for being mega clumsy all day long! I just told Geoff that it's the universe telling me to sit down and do nothing LOL

This afternoon I baked White Chocolate Macadamia Blondies as part of mum's gift.

Not sure if they will improve but they were one of the things that didn't seem to convert so well to gluten free - they were terribly crumbly. They were still very warm though and i've found that slices and things like that seem to get less crumbly by the day after. Not sure if an extra egg or something like that would help. The blondies were also incredibly sweet to the point that my teeth hurt eating them (yes, i have very sensitive teeth lol). I often find american recipes WAY too sweet and this was no exception. next time i would probably halve the sugar.

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