More on Lana's sauce, and GF pasta making...

it was delicious!

the kids enjoyed theirs and ryan had seconds.

we had ours in a lasagne which i layered with Thermomix bechamel sauce (the thermomix stirs and cooks it all for you ;)) and dried GF lasagne. it was sooo good though quite rich.

thanks again to Lana and i definitely recommend giving her recipe a try!

I also had a go at making gluten free pasta last night! i was going to use it as the Lasagne noodles but didn't realise it had to rest in the fridge for an hour first. i used this recipe and it worked well. i made my own chia meal in the thermomix, and also milled polenta to make the grittier corn flour it called for.

so i left it over night and then had a go at making it with my new (replacement) pasta maker. which worked perfectly at first and then was nearly totally unusable by the time i was not even half way through the batch of pasta (the roller that rolls it into a sheet just seems to stick and is nearly impossible to turn, this is the exact same thing that went wrong with the first one - DON'T buy a Benzer brand pasta maker!!!!)

this dough is very different to work with compared to regular gluten pasta dough. it breaks quite easily, though i found adding a little extra oil helped. it then would stick into a huge lump as it 'fell' below the pasta maker, so i had to make very small amounts and literally toss them in GF flour (i just used a commercial plain blend) and then they would be fine.

they took minutes to cook and they were very yummy! unfortunately because of the SNAFU with the pasta maker i didn't make enough for a meal so geoff and i had it as a side dish (with pesto) with our dinner. i am keen to try again but not sure what to do with the stoopid pasta maker :( the fettucine cutter / roller works perfectly but the sheet roller won't work at all now. i'm wondering how frustrating it would be to just use a rolling pin (i was just squashing with my hand in the end lol)

oh and i forgot to say i made the dough in the thermomix of course ;)

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