GF Product Reviews

Orgran Wheat Free - Gluten Free Spaghetti in Tomato Sauce
even though Orgran seems to be a great brand in general this is one product i suggest you avoid. Rora HATES it and won't touch more than the first spoonful. i wish i'd taken a photo of it tbh as it looked NOTHING like the picture on the front - the spaghetti was so soft and swollen that it was broken into small pieces of only a few mm. luckily tinned spaghetti was only an occasional (few times a year) treat that she won't miss!

Lowan Cocoa Bombs
On the other hand she had never had sugar-cereal before (neither had the other kids) and when these were on special recently i got some for her to try. she loves them! (weekends only ;)) she will eat bowlful after bowlful.

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