according to http://www.stimator.com/ this blog is worth US$2704. anyone want to buy it? lol

ok, some people have asked if i've blogged about the detoxing and no, i haven't really. as i think i said in my menu plan post the main reasons i'm doing it is to try to sort out the bloating problem i'm having, and to try to work out what food intolerances i might have.

timely as i've actaully been doing better than usual but i've obviously eaten something last night (i had GF wheat free bread with the laucke grain mix for the first time in over a week) or this morning (i made pancakes with buckwheat flour, soy milk and bananas (i've been eating the last 2 every morning)which as a sidenote were absolutely delicious) and now i have pain in my tummy and am quite bloated again. but i have no idea what could be the problem. i guess i will just continue to avoid that stuff for a bit longer...

as a pleasant side effect this week i lost 1.6kg in the week. yet i'm still eating 3 full meals and 2 snacks as usual - i've been finding myself hungrier in some of the afternoons, but a handful of nuts seems to solve it. i need to get to the health food shop and stock up on more quinoa as well as some other bits and pieces.

despite the current 37' outside - getting up to 40' today - i have the oven on as i'm making a flatbread out of chickpeas, from the thermomix GF WF cookbook. it looks very weird so hoping it's nice. i wanted to make more bread for rora (as we all had GF bread last night due to lack of any "real" bread) but can't find a recipe with ingredients i have!

tomorrow i have the thermomix cooking class on ! woohoo! can't wait. i hope i get a lot out of it :) and i hope that the air con in the venue is good LOL

i have more i could say but feel like i'm rambling now, i need a nanna nap desperately!

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