Menu Plan - Vegan +

i can't believe i haven't updated since Tuesday. but i haven't been at all in the mood to cook, so there's been nothing to say! i guess i could share that we were very excited to discover that our favourite takeaway store does gluten free now! yay!

it's been pretty hot here for the past week (though not a patch on the 40-45'c's that melbourne and adelaide have had) - in the high 30's and we've just been trying to stay cool any way we can. we had dinner with friends the other night at the dickson pool and it's so nice to have GF meatballs or similar in the freezer all ready to go so we just need to make a salad and off we go. (mind you i need to replenish our supplies as we're all out now)

this next week and a bit is a big one in our house with ryan starting full time school (kindergarten here in the ACT) tomorrow, and rora returning to daycare for the first time as a coeliac. emelia has her preschool interview this week and then next week she starts with a half day followed by a full day. (all these graduated starts make it really tricky for working parents) so inspired by dani we wrote out a list of lunches and snacks that the kids like for school / preschool / daycare. i wish they could / would eat more in common!!!

on top of that is the fact i am going to try the detox program that has been advertised on the radio all the time lately - yes i have IBS and in the past 6-12 months bloating has become a huge problem for me - even after losing nearly 10kg i havne't gone down a single size in clothes! it is making it hard to stay focussed when there's no result :( so anyway i'm going to give this a try and see if it helps. i've spent the past few days coping with the headaches as a result of coming off coffee (and i only have 1-2 cups a day!) so i'm pretty much ready to start the detox... i just need a menu. (i like to make things easy for myself trying to do a GF vegan menu for 2 weeks lol)

geoff and the kids will keep eating meat as they'd starve without it lmao!

jubilant daal made with oil not ghee
bean tacos / taco salad for me
pasta with bean & vegie sauce
baked beans on toast (and eggs for them)
baked spinach kofta with yoghurt sauce for them
vegetarian fried rice with tamari (possibley some meat for them)

next week
mexican rice with grilled chicken for them and beans for me
lentil soup without meat
stir fry with chicken for them and prawns for me
cauliflower dahl with panch phoran ??
homemade gnocchi with tomato sauce

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