today's plan and menu planning...

Geoff suggested that we come up with a list of our favourite meals so that we can pick from it each week / fortnight when we menu plan. i'm sure i've started doing exactly that a few times pre-blog but who knows where they are? at least the blog will make it easier to find ;) I'll start that later when i do the upcoming menu plan.

so far today i've made my usual porridge (did it with soy milk though which was even yummier than usual - we have a cupboard full of soy milk as we thought rory had a dairy intolerance prior to the CD diagnosis) and 2 batches of yoghurt - one low fat (for me) and one full fat (for the kids). i use the easiyo set up to set the yoghurt.

i plan to make some cakes later - probably this one as i have buttermilk to use up. i'll try making it GF and see how it goes. I will probably also make this as i promised geoff to make him a nice cake with chocolate and almonds in it :) i crushed up a kilo of almonds this morning before my porridge so i won't have pesky almond bits to stop the egg whites peaking today ;)

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