Corn Fritters (GF, TMX)

just a very very rough recipe, more for myself than to share ;)

50g jasmine rice
50g brown rice
4 shortcut pieces of bacon, cut into large chunks
1 onion, peeled and quartered
maybe around 1.5 cups? gluten free self raising flour (i used white wings)
a 400g+ tin of creamed corn (i used half but would use the whole thing next time with less milk)
2 eggs
milk as required
around 1 cup of olive or other oil
optional: spices such as curry powder, thai spices etc, herbs of your choice

put rice in bowl and mill at speed 10 for about 50-60 seconds, until smooth flour. remove and place in another bowl

place bacon and onion in bowl and chop on speed 6, maybe around 10 secs?

add in rice flour, creamed corn, eggs, and milk if using (or you can add this later if your mix is too dry) and spices. mix on reverse speed 2 and add flour through the lid one scoop at a time until you get a thick batter

heat oil until it starts to bubble a little (medium high heat i think) and put spoonfuls of batter in to cook. you want the top a little more solid and the bottom brown before turning.

next time i will try this style http://thaifood.about.com/od/vegetarianthairecipes/r/thacornfritters.htm

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