someone left our little freezer door open last night! it's a blessing in disguise really as it was chocablock full of anonymous leftovers in kiddie sized portions that are probably all wayyyyy out of date.... so they are all gone now.

i'll be having bacon for breakie as there's a mostly defrosted few pieces of bacon in there, and tonight i'll be using us a packet of puff pastry. i thought of making pies or sausage rolls for dinner but the kids don't really eat pastry and i'm not supposed to atm!

so instead i'm going to make stuff for our christmas eve party - i'm thinking of starting with mini quiches (hmmm perhaps i should leave the bacon for that, dammit!) and just a handful of sausage rolls (there's about 200g mince left from last night, why geoff can never use up a full packet i will never know!) and maybe some pinwheels no, make that jo's cheese and spinach rolls - yum!

i have been meaning to start preparing for the party so this is a good thing...

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Thermomixer said...

Fortunately we have a chest freezer and the freezer on the fridge beeeeeeps incessantly if you don't close the door properly.
Problem with the chest freezer is that things at the bottom often look like they could have been preserved with the woolly mammoths, when they get overlooked.