Recipe Book Challenge #3

The talented Miss Mousey is next with book no 23....

oh this will be a REAL challenge, i think it will have to become a thermomix challenge!!

The book is Margaret Fulton's Book of Ices & Cold Desserts from 1983

OMG, is there a recipe in this book not made with cream???? lol (cream is very definitely not WW core ;)) recipe list here

ohhhh i think i'm going out for dessert next weekend - i think i might make the coffee granita :)

and then this book will be up for grabs, if anyone would like it :)

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Thermomixer said...

LOL - I was talking to my wife yesterday about how recipes have changed. I was looking for a parsnip soup recipe and found lots of recipes for parsnips in fried and roasted in oil and dripping. It said you need to add lots of fat to them to make them taste nice!!!!
I can't recall the last time I bought dripping - is it still around?

Coffee granita sounds great - certainly very doable in the TMX

PS the link to the recipe list looks like it is "private".