Pasta Salad

Geoff wants this printed out so he can make it, so here goes lol (of course there are a million versions, this is just one with what we have on hand today)

small or fancy pasta, cooked (and cooled if time)
tin of corn, drained
frozen peas, cooked, drained and cooled
ham, finely chopped
capsicum, finely chopped
black olives, sliced
parsley, finely chopped
kidney beans, drained ???

dressing - mayonnaise and / or pesto

mix well

as you can see from the pics it was a HUGE hit!


Sally said...

Hey Brazen,

Your recipe sounds delish.

Sorry I haven't done your banners yet *blush*, but I have been meaning to ask you if you'd like a whole new blog template or just some adjustments made to your current one?

Sal xx

brazen's crafts said...

ooooh that sounds exciting! i'm not sure if i'd know what to do with a new template LOL but sure, if you would like to do one i would LOVE it! go for it!
thank you :)

Brodie Bears Blog said...

That looks delish, shall put that on the menu plan for the week!

brazen's crafts said...


wombles said...

Yum. Just tried this for dinner tonight. I think I would put a bit less Olives in it if I make it again,
they tasted a bit strong.
Thanks! Ballsie/wombles