Indian style side dishes

well after postponing it all weekend i finally started making the Chicken Tikka Masala at 5pm on Monday, only to discover it had to marinate overnight! ooops!

so last night I finally cooked it up. it was good, though the recipe definitely needs tweaking (it had too much lime juice for a start) like the Butter Chicken did. This recipe is a perfect recipe for the Thermomix (other than the grilling of the chicken and the marinading i did all the rest in the TMX) so when i've had a bit more of a play with the recipe i'll post a conversion.

we had it with rice (of course lol), some more of tenina's naan's (last of the freezer stash), a lentil and beet chard dish (ryan said "oh YUM, i LOVE lentils!! when he saw it lol) and a vegie dish which i thought would be a disaster, but was actually quite nice. no recipes today, but i will note down spice combos so i have them for another time...

brown lentils
beet chard
black mustard seeds
fennel seeds
garam masala (need to find which recipe i used and make more!)
cumin seeds
chicken stock
cardamom pods

sweet potato
sugar snap peas
coconut cream
chicken stock
aagh can't remember the other spices... will have to come back later

and flickr isnt cooperating with uploading photos this morning either :(

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