where's it gone?

my mojo that is. it's been at least a week since i last felt like cooking...

i just have no desire to cook at the moment :(

tonight the kids had nuggets (we didn't even have chips and i absolutely could not be bothered to peel bloody potatoes) and i wasn't even going to cook for us but then got guilty. so our dinner was something they wouldn't eat (and was actually delicious).

inspired by a bagel i had in vermont in 1994 (lol)
Brazen's American-Style Eggs

1 tspn butter or oil
1/2 red onion, finely diced (i was too lazy for this tonight)
1/2 red & 1/2 green capsicum, diced
some ham, diced
sliced mushrooms (optional, i had them leftover from last night's pasta)
heaps of grated tasty cheese - i probably used around 2/3 cup
4-6 eggs
small amount milk or water

heat butter / oil, fry onion, capsicum, ham and mushrooms until softening and smelling good
lightly beat eggs and milk / water then mix in cheese
turn heat down in pan to low and pour in eggs
try to stir it only a few times so it cooks through but doesn't end up scrambled

serve on a bagel, buttered wholemeal toast, or toasted turkish bread like we had

PS: this is the first time i have done this on teh stove, generally i microwave it for a quick breakfast.

PPS: sorry aobut the photo, i didn't think to take a pic til i had nearly finished ;)

i need to come back and post about my thermomix, i've promised a friend i would (but i'm not sure if i'm in the mood atm !)

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dixiebelle said...

Hope you get your mojo back soon!