WHAT was I thinking?????

when i put an inedible beef curry in my freezer?????!!!! (speaking of food waste!)

geoff was looking for the lamb i'd requested when he came across what looked like a lamb curry. turned out to be a beef curry but smelled not that great (not off but not that nice). i added a tin of tomatoes to it and set it to simmer on low to try to tenderise the beef.

got cooking and made (are you ready for it?)
whole orange cupcakes - experimented with lowering the sugar & oil content with apple puree, seems to have been a success :) added an extra orange too.
golden oat muffins - seem to be a bit dry but we havne't actually tried them yet
cinnamon apple cake - i think i had it in too narrow and deep a tin and had trouble cookign it through (had to finish it by wrapping foil around it on the bench as it was burning everywhere but the middle)
thermomix naan - inspired by this recipe but modified in technique somewhat (will post it soon!)
saag aloo - which we ended up eating with rice, would have added chickpeas for protein (without a meat dish) but we have none :( i added a little yoghurt to it as it was very dry.

I'm exhausted now!!

anyway, back to the meat. by the time i finally got to taste the beef and discover that it was WAY TOO salty to eat, as well as spicy, sour and tough beef, it was too late to do anything about it. i just can't think what on earth i was thinking saving it for later!!! BLERG!

i forgot to report that last week it was my turn for making morning tea at work. as i wasn't feeling well on wednesday i wasn't going to make anything, but then when i woke up early on thursday i decided i would bake a whole lemon cake, using lemons one of the girls at work had given me. it was a huge hit! all gone by lunchtime which is always a good sign ;) ryan wasn't impressed i was taking it away though lol

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