Wasting Food...

i just found the winos and foodies blog via the new thermomix forum. reading back through old posts i found this one on food waste which caught my attention. i'm sure Eilleen wrote one over at her consumption rebellion blog (though i can't find it atm)

in my life i have been a terrible food waster. throwing out masses of F&V in particular, as well as other foods. even now i have a container of beetroot dip in my fridge leftover from saturday's party which needs to go. at least we have a compost bin to put that sort of thing in now!!!

i do try much harder now not to waste food. i try to meal plan as often as i can and i am pretty creative in using up things that will otherwise go to waste.

how much food do you waste?
what do you have in your fridge now that is just waiting to go? (i also have about 1/8th of a red cabbage that needs to go that i was supposed to use in coleslaw but didn't get around to...)
what are your favourite meals for using up bits and pieces, especially in summer when soups just don't cut it!?
do you have special ways of buying / storing your food to make sure it's fresh?
if you do have to throw it out what do you do with it?

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