ISO... in search of...

does anyone have any favourite savoury cracker / biscuit recipes? esepcially cheese free ones, or ones that use parmesan.

or know how to make your own semi-dried tomatoes (without giving yourself food poisoning lol)??


Dani said...

http://www.thekitchenplayground.com/2008/a-biscuit-post-for-kathy/ for crackers (cheese free)

and http://www.abc.net.au/nsw/stories/s363321.htm is how I do my tomatoes.

GS said...

If you have an electric oven its easy to do your own SDTs but don't stop there. I used to dry batches of strawberries each summer, mainly to put in homemade muesli. Ten years of having a gas oven made me forget all about it...til now...I have a new electric one again. Roll on berry season :)