Garlic Knots

dinner tonight was lentil soup with garlic knots.

i made them based on this recipe but was too lazy to go and find the recipe to check out to make them LOL hence they didn't quite work as they were supposed to, but doesn't matter - everyone loved them and there are NONE left! lol

i used the thermomix pizza dough. after letting it rise, punch down and then re-rise, i cut it into around 14 pieces. i then rolled it into balls and then between my hands into 'snakes'. tied them into tight knots.

i drizzled olive oil over them, and sprinkled them with a little salt (won't next time, the kids didn't like that), dried rosemary and lots of chopped garlic. i also put a little cheese on half of them.

i chopped 6 cloves of russian garlic (equivalent to about 12-18 cloves of regular garlic in quantity) in 2 seconds in the thermomix - i love my thermomix!

the lentil soup wasn't all that good tonight :( not sure why. didn't stop rory eating all hers and all ryan's too though lol

i also made applesauce puffs tonight. they are very yummy :) next time i will change the recipe though, won't worry about the topping plus i think i'll put a little more applesauce and less sugar. oh and i'll put less in the holes so i make 12 instead of 6 lol

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