Thermomix Quiz

Jeff set up a Thermomix group - check it out if you have one :)

anyway, i asked these questions over there but forgot to answer them myself lol plus someone on eb is looking to find out more about the TMX so i thought this might help ...

1. How often do you use your TMX?
usually 6-7 days per week, 1-4/5 times a day

2. What things do you cook on a regular basis & how often?
i make porridge every morning for breakfast (recipe coming soon!)
i use it to chop though i do find it hard to judge enough vs too much for some things.
i also love it to mix up cakes and doughs
geoff uses it to cook meals, once or twice a fortnight.
all natural custard for te kids - probably a few times a week

3. What do you use your TMX most for cooking or preparing?
I use it more for prep work but geoff definitely cooks in it more

4. Does anyone else in house use it?
yep, everyone ;) well, mostly geoff and i and ryan likes to help with it and is learning to read the weights, time etc. he won't turn it on if it's over about speed 5 though - too loud LOL

5. So far what's your favourite thing that you've cooked in it?
i think it's the pasta dish with salami, tomato and cream in it (where you cook the pasta in the tmx). geoff has made it quite a few times and it's very yummy! that polenta with blueberries was delish though!

what else have i made?
butter (easy though getting a softer butter is trickier)
bread, yum (and making the flour from whole wheat
foccaccia - YUM!
pizza dough
chopping large amounts of garlic, herbs etc
making my own spice blends with whole spices
icecream with nothing but milk, sugar and fruit
hot chocolate and lattes
cake mixes
apple sauce (which i then use instead of the fat and sugar in cakes etc)
custard (oh how did i forget this in my list above! we make vanilla, strawberry (with fresh berries) and chocolate, all with no preservatives etc etc)
mixing batters (pancakes, pikelets etc)

i'm sure there's heaps more, will keep pondering!

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