spinning daddy around and around

testing testing!

just added this blog to flickr so i can blog direct from the phot!

yesterday we went out to the heritage park at forde, one of the new suburbs in gungahlin. we bought some noodles from wok it up - one of our favourite take away places, and had them for lunch (and for dinner again tonight).

today i hosted a bookclub lunch and an undercover wear party. i had a lot of cooking to do!

i made
* pumpkin and sweet potato soup
* foccacia with the fennel, mustard and onion topping from this recipe
* carol's chocolate fudge cake (which only lasted minutes after i cut it - all the kids and grown ups loved it! it was very simple in the TMX too, though i wasn't paying enough attention to write a conversion)
* and this banana loaf

honestly, i cannot rave enough about how much easier the tmx makes my life at times like this!

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Dani said...

absolutely, days with that much cooking are a breeze with the thermomix.