Zucchini and Banana Muffins

well, these were a bit of a disaster, but totally my own fault :(

do NOT be lazy and do your muffins in the thermomix!!! the zucchinis were chopped too fine so you couldn't see them, and the muffins are way overmixed (my pet hate, so many people just don't understand that you don't combine a muffin mix til well mixed, you do it til barely mixed, and here i am going even further! ack!)

not to mention my stupid oven that overcooked them, i had it on 160-170' and only in there for 20 mins and they are overcooked!

anyway here is the recipe i used , i will write up my version after lunch - we are about to pack our hot muffins in a container and head out for a morning tea playdate :D (*waving hello to my stalker laurel lol*)

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Hey, I stumbled upon your blog.

Cooking is not my talent, I always get lost somewhere