Thermomix report

geoff made several recipes from the thermomix book over the weekend so i thought i'd report in on them.

last night was the beef stroganoff
it was DIVINE. so so so good! only problem was that i asked him to halve the cayenne pepper for ryan and it was still hot for the rest of us! ryan couldn't even get near it.
PS: doesn't stroganoff have paprika not cayenne?

the night before potato rosti
i didn't actaully get to try these as i went out for dinner, but they didn't go down very well. geoff was a bit ho hum about them and the kids refused to touch them (even though they helped make them). they came out like pancakes and my understanding of potato rosti was that they were made purely from grated potato with maybe an egg in them...


Thermomixer said...

Good to see somebody trying out the recipes and willing to comment.

Haven't tried these yet, but ....

There normally wasn't paprika, let alone cayenne in beef stroganoff - beef, onions, mushrooms, sour cream and mustard.

Obviously some like it hot.

The roesti is normally grated either raw or cooked spuds. It may work if not over processed. I might try it out & let you know.

They can be small pancakes or whole pan/plate sized slabs.

Thanks for continuing to publish.

karen said...

I hadn't made the Thermomix stroganoff before, but after reading your review I gave it a go tonight (without the cayenne - I knew getting the kids to eat mushrooms would be an achievement on its own!). You're right - it's delish!

Alina0210 said...

I have made this too.... DH and i like the heat from the cayenne... very nice. only thing i would say is the meat was a bit tough... so cook it for longer and on a lower temp.