Calzone cuisine!

dinner tonight was a success - woohoo!! homemade calzones and everyone got to pick what they had on them - i made it VERY clear they weren't pizzas (remember my kids won't eat pizza) and they loved them ;p they also helped prepare and make them.

1-2 quantities of your favourite pizza dough (i used the thermomix one of course ;))
i put some italian herbs in it

when it's risen enough split into balls and roll out. you're going to fold them in half so put your toppings in the centre of one half of the circle.
fold the other half over and squeeze the edges together. cut some holes/vents in the top (or first initials like we did hehe)
bake in a 220'c oven for around 10-15 mins until cooked.

you can use whatever you like! i was imagining a satay chicken, rocket and sweet potato version - yum! here is what we had:
bacon and onion lightly fried
pepperoni shredded
capsicum diced
fetta cheese crumbled
mozzarella cheese
diced roma tomatoes (fresh not tinned)
sliced mushrooms
parmesan cheese
pasta sauce
sliced black olives

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Unknown said...

oh! I love calzones. love them, love them, love them.