early morning Menu Plan...

I"m about to head off to choku bai jo - they open at 6am on saturdays, i was awake at 6am but way too tired to get up that early lol - so i need to work out what i actually need to get!

onion, garlic, eggplant, zucchini, mushrooms, potatoes, basil and oregano
plus mince, cheese

tamale pie
corn, onion, capsicum, sweet potato
plus mince

vegetarian tacos
onion, capsicum, sweet potato, lettuce, tomato
plus kidney beans, taco stuff

farmhouse chicken & tomato risoni bake
onions, garlic, spinach,
plus chicken, passata, white wine

corn chowder
onions, potatoes, carrot, corn, lemon thyme
plus bacon,

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Dani said...

are you doing the crock pot tamale pie? You won't regret it, it's yumbo!