soups to try

to fill in time while my lunch defrosted and heated (pumpkin honey and mustard soup which wasn't overly tasty the first time around) i grabbed the family circle book of soups and stews and made a bit of a mental wish list for soups to try. i tend to think soups are something you don't really need a recipe for so it's time to get over that and try some new ones lol

mulligatawny soup
spicy lamb soup (i have the right lamb in teh freezer too)
creamy tomato soup
creamy beetroot soup (i still have 3-4 beetroot in the fridge too, i have never tried beetroot soup, i am a little scared lol)
spicy red lentil soup
spinach and potato soup
chicken and couscous soup
caribbean black bean soup (i have a packet of dried black beans in my cupboard and had NFI what to do with them LOL)

and it's reminded me i should make corn chowder some time soon, my mum has a recipe which is very quick and easy on a work night (it uses a few tinned ingredients)

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