moussaka report

i stuck pretty closely to the recipe (gosh i find that hard LOL speaking of which have a read of this on dixie's blog - is that you? the cooking style not the cleavage lol)

it was a lot tastier than i expected!

having googled other recipes while eating it though and seeing the reaction to the vegies, next time i'm going to do it with mince and chop the vegies finely through the mince. plus add some spices and herbs.

should be good!

i served the moussaka with garlic bread. our neighbours' church has bread donated to it from bakers delight and they don't always manage to give it away, so every few weeks he will arrive on our doorstep with 2-3 bags full of bread! it's hard as we don't eat that much of that sort of bread and our freezer is usually too full for much, but i'm getting into the swing of using it up ;p


dixiebelle said...

Yes, that's me... can you tell that Mr Dixie took that photo!!

Yum, love moussaka, but I want your recipe for Lime Chicken with Asian salad!!

brazen's crafts said...

LOL i don't have a recipe for that yet, i was inspired by a recipe in a book at work but have forgotten what's in it (other than lemongrass which i forgot to buy, and lime)