dinner is cooking and i'm faint from hunger! i shopped at choku bai jo this afternoon and came home with 4 green bags full of goodies.

dinner tonight is baby zucchinis lightly fried with olive oil, a little bacon and garlic, and tossed with pasta. (based on a marcella hazan recipe i love which uses buffalo mozzarella instead of the bacon, plus a couple of beaten eggs - the heat cooks them enough to eat)

tomorrow night will be (bought) turkish pide bread with homemade dips - beetroot (fresh beetroots), hommus and maybe a carrot or something else. tonight i have to cook the beetroot and make the yoghurt ready for tomorrow.

also on the menu is cauliflower soup (maybe with bacon but i read an article today about the health concerns with red meat and processed meats which has made me a little nervous. i only use such tiny amounts but...) and probably with damper.

what else did i buy? hmmm serephina potatoes, carrots and baby eggplants for a beef casserole... i also have some broccoli and spanish peppers to make something with - maybe a stir fry. oh and tomatoes, lettuce and some of the beetroot to make homemade burgers...

i forget what other vegies were filling the bags but i also got apples, bananas, grapes (to send to daycare, we don't often eat them but i like to send something other than apples and oranges to daycare, the kids must get soooo bored LOL), honey and eggs, all organic.

i think dinner must be nearly ready, i HOPE!!! before i fall off my chair with hunger! LOL

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