i'm not sure this blog is a good idea...

it's making me realise how much time in teh kitchen i spend and i'm thinking it's too much LOL

anyway, today we went out for a picnic by the lake with friends. we all took stuff to share, so i made vegie chilli (one of my friends is vegetarian) and rice to take. just did it on the stove top as the timing wasn't really right for the slow cooker. at the last minute i had thermomix make a batch of anzac biccies to take too.

we had the best day! it was such a lovely day (anzac day holiday) to spend out in the open air with friends.

both food offerings went down very well with everyone.

as a side note the new insulated serving dishes from tupperware are brilliant at keeping stuff hot just about forever! i have one and i just wish i could have afforded another 1-2 before i quit.

tonight's dinner was nuggets and chips for the kids (LOL) and homemade pizza for us (they just won't eat it so no point in making it for them). and there was twice enough dough than we needed (still pretty full from lunch lol) so we made another 2 pizzas and put them in the freezer - yay! dinner all ready for one night!

oh and sorry aobut posting the cauli soup recipe again, i'm too vague lol

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