busy foodie day

and i'm kind of over it now (ok, i'm very over it - we're having leftovers for dinner and the kids are having oven baked nuggets and chips from the freezer lol)

first this morning i tried to turn my favourite muffin recipe into a strawberry yoghurt muffin recipe with dismal results :( i threw them out this afternoon as even *I* didn't want to eat them...

i then cooked the apple for this cake http://www.taste.com.au/recipes/14581/custard+and+apple+teacake though it ended up more like a chunky apple sauce so i hope it works ok.

off to the markets after that to stock up on spices (nearly $70 worth lol) so i can make my own spice mixes, which won't happen til next weekend now. lunch was a treat of homemade nachos and then i made the custard for the apple cake, the cake itself (now cooking) and the thermomix orange cake which ryan loves.

i also need to work out something interesting to make with the humungous pumpkin our neighbours gave to us, which their neighbours grew. it's just not cold enough for soup!

is anyone else a wimp about cutting pumpkins? it's the whole reason i usually buy jap pumpkin *blush* i think this one is a bloody ironbark LMAO!!!

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